Friday, March 27, 2009

You might be a pack rat if.......

If you think you might be a pack rat, take this quiz and find out: Oh come on, it's easy, I give you all the answers. 1. If your kids moved to the tree house because their was no place left to sit.....You might be a pack rat. 2. If you dusted off your red leather jacket, when the new 80's craze hit, and thought, I knew I was keeping this for a reason....You might be a pack rat. 3. If you have lost your baby in the house and need to follow the crying to find her... You might be a pack rat. 4.If you are losing weight because you can't find your refrigerator....You might be a pack rat. If any of these things fit your description I have some helpful tips on how to get rid of your dirty dwelling and make your home yours again. I know, you thought I was going to say you might be a pack rat, but you were wrong! So moving on...The thing is about housework is that everyone hates it, But it has to be done, and if your house is all cluttered with junk it makes it pretty imposable for you to make it look good, so hear is what I did. I found another pack rat and gave all my stuff to her. This way all my precious junk is safe at her house in case I might need it someday and my house is completely clutter free. Lauriesayz...Leave it!

Watch for more of Lauriesayz...You might be a pack rat if.....And Lauriesayz....Some serious tips on how not to be a pack rat, or at least fake it.

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