Friday, March 27, 2009

You might be a pack rat if.......

If you think you might be a pack rat, take this quiz and find out: Oh come on, it's easy, I give you all the answers. 1. If your kids moved to the tree house because their was no place left to sit.....You might be a pack rat. 2. If you dusted off your red leather jacket, when the new 80's craze hit, and thought, I knew I was keeping this for a reason....You might be a pack rat. 3. If you have lost your baby in the house and need to follow the crying to find her... You might be a pack rat. 4.If you are losing weight because you can't find your refrigerator....You might be a pack rat. If any of these things fit your description I have some helpful tips on how to get rid of your dirty dwelling and make your home yours again. I know, you thought I was going to say you might be a pack rat, but you were wrong! So moving on...The thing is about housework is that everyone hates it, But it has to be done, and if your house is all cluttered with junk it makes it pretty imposable for you to make it look good, so hear is what I did. I found another pack rat and gave all my stuff to her. This way all my precious junk is safe at her house in case I might need it someday and my house is completely clutter free. Lauriesayz...Leave it!

Watch for more of Lauriesayz...You might be a pack rat if.....And Lauriesayz....Some serious tips on how not to be a pack rat, or at least fake it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tiny*Prints Giveaway

Remember when your children were little and, you took a thousand pictures and, wrote down every cute little thing they said and did? My children are still little but, they already love looking at pictures of them selves and hearing stories of things they did when they were babies. I think this goes for us older children too. I personally love to look back at the mile stones in my life especially graduation and know my parents put in the extra effort to make it something special just for me. Now this is so easy to do with Tiny*Prints at our fingertips. What I like about Tiny*Prints is their are so many choices that your teen will definitely be able to pick something that suits his or her unique style and personality; something we know they have a lot of; just like these Tiny*Prints photo cards, announcements and invitations. Although my daughter just started school last year she has already picked out her favorite graduation invitation. Pink of course! Lauriesayz.....Love it!

The wonderful folks at Tiny*Prints have offered Lauriesayz readers the chance to win a $50 gift certificate. Entry is easy...

To enter, check out Tiny*Prints and brows their site, be sure to check out the Graduation and communion cards. Set up an account with Tiny*Prints. (It's painless, I promise) And save your favorite to your account. Once you've done this, come back here and let me know the following in a comment:

1.What was your favorite card.
2.Your email address that you used to sign up to Tiny*Prints.

  • Follow my blog through blogger, leave me a separate comment.
  • Subscribe to my blog via email, leave me a separate comment.
  • Blog about this giveaway and link back to this post and Tiny Prints. Leave the link in a separate comment.
  • Tweet this giveaway and leave me the url in a separate comment.
  • Add my button to your sidebar and leave a link in a separate comment.

Contest will end on April 14th at 12:00 AM Atlantic time. A winner will be chosen via Winner must have followed the entry instructions to win. The winner will be contacted via email, and will have 48 hours to reply. In the event that the winner fails to reply, a new winner will be chosen.

Monday, March 23, 2009

JERGENS natural glow express

I have tried so many other "tan in bottle" products that when I saw this one I thought; It seems different but is it going to turn me orange or streak like all the others do? My practical side said no don't buy it. It will just end up filed under "G" like all the others but my addiction to trying new products said you can't leave it on the shelf; I'm glad I didn't because this stuff really works and in less time than it says on the bottle. It gives me that sun kissed look I have always wanted all year long with out worrying about the skin damage the sun or tanning beds can give me. I just put it on like normal moisturizer and not one streak, and color me happy I'm not orange either! Lauriesayz...Love it!

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